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Welcome to Revelation Health

Revelation Health – Vitamins, Supplements and Natural Health Foods is a boutique natural health store, with a new retail location in Allison Park, Pennsylvania.

Revelation Health provides therapeutic grade supplements, organic foods, healthy home products, and natural body care, using only the safest ingredients, approved and utilized by our network of physicians across the country. These exclusive product lines include Systemic Formulas, Beyond Organic, Designs for Health, NuMedica, Complimentary Prescriptions, Scientific Botanicals, Prescript-Assist, Interplexus, Byron White, BodyBio, NutraMedix, Cur-Ease, CytoHealth, Natural Radiance, Remedy Link, Stevita, Virgin Pacific Water, AllerAir, Therasage, World Nutrition and many more.

Most of these select lines cannot be carried unless a qualified physician is on staff to implement correct usage and dosing to ensure the greatest outcomes. Along with practitioners on staff, we have health coaches certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) available to answer your questions about health, and offer weight loss and detoxification strategies and solutions to help you feel and look your best. We’re pleased to provide our customers only the highest quality products to confront the maze of new millennium diseases threatening the health of our nation. We specialize in creating natural support strategies for weight loss, diabetes, thyroid disorders, low energy, chronic pain and digestive challenges.


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  • New Arrivals

  • Skinny & Co - Oil Pulling - 16oz

    Get a healthier mouth with oil pulling featuring Skinny & Co.'s classic coconut oil blended with blue peppermint leaf extract and essential oils.

  • Simple Life Mom - Deodorant - 2.5oz

    Simply Deodorant is simply that: the best ingredients for your body and health that will help you stay fresh and SMELL GREAT! This is my most popular recipe for deodorant.
    It combines the strong power of baking soda with the cleansing properties of bentonite clay.
    This keeps me fresh smelling even on 90 degree days out in the sun.

    Clay holds the essential oil scents really well. It smells stronger as soon as it makes contact with skin, but it is never overpowering.

    No Aluminum
    No Parabens
    No Toxic Chemicals
    No Artificial Fragrances
    No Artificial Ingredients
    Handmade in Pennsylvania
    Highest Quality


  • Simple Life Mom - Bar Soap

    All soaps are hand-cut and 100%natural. Made with coconut, olive oils, and other natural and skin nourishing oils. For hand, face, and body.

    No detergents, dyes, or artificial fragrances
    Handmade in Pennsylvania
    All Natural ingredients
    Cold Processed

    Scented with 100% natural, pure essential oils.

    INGREDIENT LIST: Coconut Oil, Tallow, Olive Oil, Water, Lye, Essential Oils

    WHY COLD PROCESSED: Most of today's soaps have natural glycerin removed, only to be placed in lotions and marketed for people as a necessity after skin is stripped of its natural oils. Cold processed soaps are all glycerin soaps (the saponification process produces glycerin), and provide other natural oils for the skin. You cleanse, while nurturing.

    HOW IT'S MADE: Cold Processed soaps are made in a traditional method that produces and natural and gentle soap. Oils are combines with a lye water mixture so that the oil and lye molecules can combine to make something new: soap! I make all of my soaps with at least a 5% superfat content. This means that 5% or more of the luxurious oils that I add are left in the soap to nourish your skin and 0% of lye. The end result is a creamy lather, beautiful bubbles, and a pure soap that will nourish your skin whether you have oily skin, dry, skin, or suffer from acne or eczema. 

  • TCD Clear™ Home Unit

    TCD Clear™ Home Unit

    Each TCD Clear™ take-home unit is completely programmable for your specific health needs. And what’s even better, this unit can be continually adapted as you attain new levels of well-being. As you improve, the system changes with you!

    TCD Clear™ take-home unit brings light-sound technology to your fingertips. With your natural health practitioner's guidance, you have a personalized system designed to optimize your health care program. The brain emits different types of waves. TCD Clear™ light and sound technology, in a 30-minute session, your brain-wave frequency instantly changes speed to a healthier and more normal pattern. Your body-mind function becomes enhanced.

  • DesBio - Borrelia Series Therapy

    Borrelia Series Therapy is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to Lyme Disease including rash, fever, chills, fatigue, and joint pain.

    To complete the DesBio Series Therapy Program, we recommend using two Series Therapy Kits. The first kit should be used in ascending order (1-10). The second kit is then used in descending order (10-1) (one vial every third day for a total of 60 days) and is often followed by 1M, then 10M kits (one vial per week for a total of 20 weeks). Series Therapy should always be accompanied by Smart Silver.

    For more information on the Series Therapy Program, see our Series Therapy Practitioner Guide.

    Series Therapy Homochords/ Remedies: 1 oz formulas which contain all of the homeopathic dilutions found in the series kit in one bottle. The homochord is often taken after the completion of the Series Therapy Protocol as a follow-up or a booster.

    Series Therapy Kit 1M: Each 1M kit contains 10 vials of the 1M homeopathic dilution of the specific pathogen or nosode you have selected work with. The 1M kits are often taken once per week for 10 weeks as a follow-up to the initial Series Therapy Protocol.

  • CellCore BioSciences - Para1 - 120 capsules

    One product that everybody would benefit from is Para-1. One of the main benefits of Para-1 is that is it help to rid the intestines of mucoid plaque and rope worm. It also appears to be a great anti-parasitic for several other type of parasites specifically intestinal nematodes.

    Mucoid plaque is created by the body to protect itself from acids and toxic compounds such as drugs (especially aspirin and alcohol), table salt, heavy metals, chemicals, antigen antibody complexes, microbial activity, and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. Certain foods such as pasteurized dairy, and many cooked foods cause the mucus buildup on the wall of the small intestine. If you have mucoid plaque in your bowels, your body cannot function properly; optimal healing cannot occur. Sometimes the mucus is so thick and tough, it appears like beef jerky other times like a filmy plastic appearance. Supplements and good nutrition is wasted by the inability to break them down and absorb them properly.

    Para 1 is a very gooey and sticky, fat soluble plant material which sticks to everything and helps to remove the mucoid plaque, rope worm, parasites and toxins. It also has other anti-microbial benefits as well as anti-diarrheal, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.

  • Simple Life Mom - Detoxing Acne Clay Mask - 4oz

    ACNE FACE MASK - Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask with activated charcoal, essential oils, 100% natural, organic spa treatment, acne skin care

  • Restore - Sinus Spray 1fl oz

    Sinus Spray of Restore

    30-day supply*

    Ultra Fine Mist to Soothe & Hydrate

    Restore Sinus Spray is designed to help you cleanse, soothe, and hydrate the delicate membranes lining your nasal passages.

    Start your daily beauty and hygiene regimen by gently flushing your sinuses with Restore’s proprietary blend of trace minerals suspended in purified water. It’s the perfect rinse for the dust, pollen, and other airborne particulates and irritants we are exposed to in our daily environment.

    *supply based on 75 4-spray servings



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