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Stevita Stevia 16oz Spoonable Jar

Stevita Stevia 16oz Spoonable Jar

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Stevita Stevia 16 oz Spoonable Jar

Stevita stevia is an incredibly sweet herb native to Paraguay. The sweeteners, steviosid and rebaudiosid A, extracted from the plants, are 300 times sweeter than sugar which are not metabolised and contain no calories.  Stevita stevia is 100% naturaly extracted using a distialtion process and is the #1 stevia product on the market for quality and taste.

The sweet tasting substances produced by the stevia plant are called "steviol glycosides."   The stevita brand stevia uses only stevia extract that contains 95% pur glycosides giving this brand a non-bitter and similar to fructose taste.  

We added in erythritol a natural bulking agent naturally extracted from fruits, vegetables and grains to make it easy to measure and utilize in cooking and baking.  Most other stevias you find at the grocery store use lactose, maltodextrine, F.O.S., etc., erythritol has a very high digestive tolerance and practically zero calories.

Ingredients: Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni extract (leaves), and Erythritol (a natural filler derived from corn, also found in melons, pears etc.)

Servings: Each jar contains 16 oz. & 453 Servings

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