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  • Diabetes Health Package

    L (LIVER) - Support for the body’s biochemical factory. This formula provides total nutrition for the liver and gall bladder including softening, restoration, and rebuilding of the liver. This is the preeminent liver building formula that encourages building & regeneration of the liver’s intercellular tissues. It assists with digestion and metabolism of macro nutrients. P (PANCREAES) - Assists in building and strengthening pancreatic functions including enzyme functions & normal functions (insulin & glucagons). Nutritionally supports healthy pancreatic functions by helping rebuild and restructure the pancreas. Ps (PANCREAES S) - This formula supports a healthy pancreas and helps bolster and maintain internal pancreatic balance and helps support maintain healthy blood glucose. It helps modulate glucose capacity for both hypo and hyper conditions. eNRG (Quantum ATP) -Provides components for both the citric acid and the electron transport cycle needed to generate life sustaining energy (ATP). ATP is needed by all tissues for optimal function. VISTA 1 & 2 (Membrane Regeneration) - Supports the three critical cellular membranes: Outer cell, mitochondrial and nuclear. Membranes are critical to receptor function. METABO-SHAKE - A glycemic support formula, is designed to help optimize glucose metabolism and provide an array of nutrients to assist the body to optimize insulin performance. It provides key trace minerals such as chromium and vanadium, important plantvitamins (certified organic), important fatty acids, amino acids, and proven botanicals for a broad-spectrum, caloric reduction program aimed at optimal glycemic health.