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Complimentary Prescriptions


  • Advanced Inflammation Control - 120 capsules

    Research shows that the botanical ingredients contained in Inflammation ...

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 500mg, 90 capsules

    Lipoic acid is a highly effective, biologically available and well researched antioxidant that works in both the fat and water soluble portions of human cells. Lipoic acid supports healthy liver regeneration, immune function and circulation, as well as vision and glucose metabolism. It also supports cardiovascular and neurological health. Being a powerful antioxidant, it protects and repairs cells and reduces damage caused by oxidation. Lipoic acid also improves the effectiveness of vitamin C and E, two well-known antioxidants.

  • Andro Support - Formerly AndroAMP - 90 capsules

    Testosterone is a key hormone, not only for sexual function, but also for ...

  • BP Support Formula 60 capsules

    Supports healthy vascular tone

    BP Support Formula provides powerful 3-way support for maintaining healthy blood pressure. This formula features MegaNatural®-BP, green coffee bean extract, and MK-7 to support healthy blood pressure.

  • Candida Complex - 90 capsules

    KandidaPlex™ features calcium undecylenate, a fatty acid that helps keeps ...


    Helps the body defend against stress-produced cortisol levels

    Cortisol Management is a combination of two patented stress management ingredients. Relora® has been shown to help control stressrelated eating and promote relaxation, while being non-sedating. Sensoril® is a proprietary bioactive Ashwagandha extract that was developed to help the body cope with stress.

  • CortiTrophin® 90 capsules

    This specialized formula delivers beneficial amounts of glycyrrhizic acid, ...

  • EpiCor® - 500 mg 30 capsules

    Know your EpiCor® — 100% pure ...

  • Fumaric Acid, 500mg, 90 capsules

    Skin care professionals use fumaric acid in their clinical practice to relieve itching, scaling and the discomfort of psoriasis
  • Grape Seed Extract, 100 mg, 60 capsules

    A powerful antioxidant. Benefits healthy circulation of the heart and brain ...

  • HerBalance™ Cream (with-out Pregnenolone) 2oz Pump

    His Balance® Cream is a combination of ingredients that have been studied ...

  • HerBalance™ Cream PLUS (with Pregnenolone) - 2oz Pump

    Supports skin health.

    A combination of natural oils are included in this product to support skin health. HerBalance™ Cream w/ Pregnenolone utilizes antioxidants, like extracts of grape seed and rosemary, along with vitamins E and A.